About Us

For the Love of the Game

TotallyCricket  is a project borne out of passion for cricket. It was conceived from  the ground up to create something unique, original and living. Like all  living things, it would require constant nurturing, caring and guidance.  Just like a new born, it would require time to mature and stand on it’s  own feet. Being only two years old, we have barely taught it to stand  up. But unlike a newborn who only comes in contact with his/her parents,  we invite you all to participate in nurturing and guiding this baby to  something we should all be proud of. 

Cricket  is much more than just manufacturing the equipment. We are very focused  on the entire spectrum of cricket. Going beyond equipment manufacturing  to providing a training and coaching platform, diet and nutrition and  overall mental and physical fitness of the player. We’re building a  world class software platform to manage the game, and conducting R&D  on wearable devices to capture real-time information on the player.  With the advent of T20 cricket, the demands on players have risen  sharply to not only be constantly in motion but also be at the highest  level of physical fitness. An average professional player plays more  cricket in a year than a professional player played in 20 years ago in  five or more years. 

Cricket  has also grown technically with shorter form of the game both  strategically and technically. The nature of game would continue to  change and so would the demands on those involved in it. This also  includes the fans, who are now through social media and other  communication channels are fully engaged with the game and in many  instances directly with their favorite players. With ubiquitous presence  of Facebook and Twitter, the communication has become instant and  intimate. 

Although  the rules of cricket have remained steeped in the past, the technical  aspects of the game are constantly changing. Technology will continue to  drive evolutionary changes in rules to allow incremental changes to the  game, equipment and use of technology. Rest assured, the trajectory is  leading the game to become better, sharper, accessible and widely  recognized as the main stream sport around the world outside of the main  cricketing countries.

TotallyCricket  is committed to being at the forefront of this evolution whether it  pertains to high-grade equipment manufacturing, building a world class  software platform that manages all aspects of the game, conduct  significant R&D and provide cricket loving patrons a platform to  share their ideas with the rest of world. 

Generally  the equipment manufacturers have operated in a closed-loop system,  creating things that they deemed were best or mostly they have  attributed the process to some black art and have left it on the whims  of some lone warrior. We want to change that, we know the best guidance  comes from those who actually play the game. 

So  we invite you to join with us in  ushering into the new era of the  game. Share with us your ideas, your  comments, your thoughts and  whatever fancies your imagination vis-a-vis  the game of cricket. We’ll  take your ideas and build a product that we can all share and you become  part of the process loop.

Lets begin.